MTW Expansion Training

Compare Number of Families Housed with STS Target to Determine Compliance

To ensure compliance with the statutory requirement that the agency serve substantially the same number of families as it would have absent the MTW program, the number of families housed should be equal to or greater than the STS target for the year.


Total number of families housed in the HCV program and any local, non-traditional programs

greater than or equal to

The annual HCV STS target, which is 90% of the Annual HCV capacity



To determine compliance with the STS requirement, the Pleasant Knoll Housing Authority MTW Lead compared the result of the Number of Families Housed calculation (227) with the STS Target calculation (223) for that calendar year.

Number of Families Housed   STS Target
227 greater than 223

Because 227 is greater than 223, the Pleasant Knoll Housing Authority MTW Lead was confident that HUD would determine that the agency had met its STS requirement for the year.