MTW Expansion Training

2: Establish a Reasonable Rent Policy


MTW agencies must implement at least one reasonable rent policy designed to encourage employment and self-sufficiency by participating families. MTW agencies may choose to implement multiple MTW activities for this purpose.

While MTW agencies are only required to implement one reasonable rent activity and have no particular requirement for the timing or duration of the activity, many MTW agencies will want to implement this type of MTW activity early on to encourage employment and self-sufficiency.

This requirement can be met by:

  • Tenant Rent Policy activities
  • Alternate Reexamination Schedule activities
  • Any voluntary alternative rent calculation that is available for all agencies
  • An Agency-Specific Waiver to establish a rent policy

Rent Reform Cohort

MTW agencies in the rent reform cohort may have prescribed policies and/or prescribed deadlines for implementing their reasonable rent policies.


The MTW agency will document its compliance with this requirement by listing the action taken to change the MTW agency’s reasonable rent policy in the MTW Supplement.