Developing a Communication Plan

As you settle on your goals/initiatives and planned MTW activities, you will want to keep key stakeholders — those within your agency, as well as in the community at large — informed, in order to continue gathering insights and generating support and buy-in.

 Your communication plan should include the following stakeholders:


Residents are directly affected by most MTW activities. Their understanding, input, and support – both through the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) or tenant association and the public information processes – is critical to widespread acceptance and support of MTW activities. Communication is one element of resident engagement, as described in the Involving Residents and Communities section.


Staff need to have a clear understanding of what initiatives are coming, and why. Communicating plans with them early will allow the MTW agency to harness their creative solutions and earn their buy-in. Then make sure they are trained up so they know what their roles and responsibilities are, especially if they are new or different. This is discussed further in the Involving Staff section.


Keeping the board informed of concepts as they are developed, MTW activities as they are implemented, and results as they are assessed allows the board to provide insights and support.

Local Government

MTW activities work best when the political system stands behind the initiatives. Communicating what the MTW agency is planning and why helps ensure that those with political clout are aware of, but also actively support those plans.

Partner Agencies

Residents often can benefit from support and services from multiple agencies and nonprofits. Keeping those partners abreast of the coming MTW activities helps identify ways to partner most effectively – avoiding both gaps and redundancy.

HUD Field Office

You will find it useful to engage your HUD field office regularly – both so they are fully aware of what you are doing, and to get the benefit of their insights. MTW agencies can help the field office staff be supportive by keeping them informed about the MTW activities underway and in the planning stages, allowing them to provide any needed guidance, and to effectively answer questions from constituents.