MTW Expansion Training

Roles and Responsibilities

Although MTW provides flexibility in meeting the local housing and services needs of low-income families, the MTW demonstration program requires strong partnerships. Roles and responsibilities for these partnerships include the following, and more details about the roles of the HUD Field Office and the MTW Office will be provided soon.  

MTW Agency

  • Comply with all agency planning requirements, including the PHA Plan (5-Year Plan and Annual Plan) and Capital Fund planning.
  • Complete required planning for Safe Harbor or Agency-Specific Waivers.
  • Describe proposed MTW activities and summarize MTW impact as required in the MTW Supplement to the Annual PHA Plan.
  • Update the Admission and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) and Administrative Plan to be consistent with proposed MTW activities prior to implementation.
  • Report data into HUD data systems, as required.
  • Cooperate fully with monitoring and evaluation activities for the MTW demonstration.
  • Assess the effectiveness of MTW activities locally and adjust the program over time.

Residents / Community

  • Participate in opportunities for public discussion and provide comments on the annual MTW Supplement and PHA Plan.
  • Provide input to the MTW agency through the Resident Advisory Board (RAB) or tenant association, if applicable.