MTW Expansion Training

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Overview of MTW Flexibilities

To achieve the three statutory objectives, the MTW demonstration program provides MTW agencies with two types of tools to better address local housing needs:

  • Exemptions from many existing public housing and HCV rules. These exemptions are made available through waivers that allow MTW agencies to operate more flexibly by permitting certain exemptions from existing public housing and HCV program requirements. These waivers allow MTW agencies to implement activities that otherwise would not be allowable. MTW agencies may combine activities in order to create more comprehensive initiatives. The types of waivers and activities available are described in the Types of Waivers and Their Requirements section.
  • The ability to use certain funding streams flexibly – specifically public housing Operating Funds, public housing Capital Funds, and HCV, including both Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) and Administrative Fees. These funding streams are referred to collectively as “MTW Funding,” as described in the Understanding and Using Funding Flexibilities section of this training (coming soon).

MTW Flexibility

An MTW designation can free up an agency’s thinking and lead to great innovations! But before seeking a waiver, always check the source of the requirement to see if it comes from a source that can be waived under MTW…or whether the flexibility may already be available to the agency without seeking an MTW waiver!

Important: Although the MTW demonstration program offers many flexibilities, core requirements remain.

MTW Funding provided to an MTW agency is subject to any laws promulgated in future years, which include without limitation: statutes, appropriations acts, notices implementing appropriations acts, regulations, and executive orders.