LSHR Toolkit: Prepare

Prepare to Administer or Operate Subpart K: LSSO-assisted Units

Owners and administrators must create and maintain records to document compliance. Use the tools here as a guide through the process.

Check for Exemptions: Some properties and situations create exemptions to various parts of the rules for the property or a repair project.

Tool Name Description
LSHR Screening on Exemption or Limited Exemption Complete and retain for all assisted units to determine if they are partially or fully exempt.

Unless a unit is exempt, the basic approach is to carry out proper communication with new and existing tenants and to assure units are inspected, any deteriorated paint is stabilized, and, if the assistance is ongoing, maintain those units. Being familiar with the rules and keeping good records from before and during occupancy of all measures is essential. These tools will help guide and document the process.