LSHR Toolkit: Prepare

Prepare to Administer or Own a PBA project

Owners and administrators must create and maintain records to document compliance. Use the tools here as a guide through the process.

Check for Exemptions: Some properties and some situations create exemptions to various parts of the rules for the property or a repair project.

Tool Name Description
LSHR Screening on Exemption or Limited Exemption Determine if all assisted units are partially or fully exempt. Complete and retain in records.

Unless the unit is exempt, the basic approach is to assure units are evaluated, paint is properly maintained, and that owners take special steps to respond if a child has an EBLL. Being familiar with the rules and keeping good records, from before and during occupancy is essential. The tools here will help guide and document the process.

Tool Name Description
PBA Requirements and Responsible Party Provides an overview of PBA responsibilities that tools will describe in further detail.
Lead-Based Paint Document Checklist: PBA Single-Family and Multifamily ≤ $5000 per year Provides an overview of documents that are commonly used to verify compliance with LSHR when providing PBA to a Single-Family unit or Multifamily unit receiving ≤ $5000/year with special provisions for units occupied by a household with members under the age of 6 with an EBLL.
Guide for Review of Lead-Based Paint Compliance in Properties Receiving PBA Provides the information and questions that HUD uses to monitor programs. Select Chapter 24, Exhibit 24-4.