LSHR Toolkit: Keep Records

Keep Records

Grantees, public agencies, and community-based organizations who undertake hazard reduction must ensure that all records pertaining to methods and standards are accordingly documented for in all pre-1978 units are securely stored and available for inspection and disclosure. Property owners and managers need to double check documentation to ensure the supporting documentation clearly establishes that all work was done in accordance with HUD Guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Acknowledgement of disclosure pamphlets
  • Household demographic data
  • Documentation verifying EBLL household member
  • Laboratory test results for hazard evaluation and clearance
  • Documentation pertaining to worker qualification and training
  • Up-to-date maintenance records
  • Annual inspection schedules
  • Final invoices (and supporting documentation) for any renovation or repair projects submitted by contractors
  • Invoices (and supporting documentation) or reimbursement requests submitted to funding organization/agency to show evidence of completed work

Watch the Lead-Based Paint Reports Highlights video to learn about reports used for lead hazard evaluation and clearance.