Lead Safe Housing Rule (LSHR) Toolkit

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The tools in the Lead Safe Housing Rule Toolkit help practitioners understand and comply with the federal lead rules. The rules apply to almost all ownership, rentals, and sales of pre-1978 housing regardless of occupants or federal assistance to keep children and families safe from lead.

Lead Rules Basics

If you are new to the lead regulations, review Lead Rules Basics.

Choose the type of activity you are working in, or operating, to access the tools and information for that activity. If you are not sure which applies to you, view Which Subpart Do I Use?.

Project-Based Assistance (PBA): Subpart H with A, B, and R

PBA rules and tools apply to rental properties receiving ongoing assistance that reduce occupants’ rents. Assistance is tied to specific units or properties, and the rules vary depending on the level of assistance:

Rehabilitation Assistance

Subpart J with A, B, and R applies to projects where funds are provided for renovation of existing residential buildings, including rental or homeowner-occupied units.

Acquisition, Leasing, Support Services, and Operations: Subpart K with A, B, and R

  • Acquisition applies to any use of federal funds in support of the acquisition of residential property, such as homebuyer or down payment assistance programs.
  • Leasing, Support Services, and Operations applies to costs paid with federal funds where housing is provided.

Tenant-Based Rental Assistance

Subpart M with A, B, and R applies to households with children less than 6 years old that receive rental assistance for a qualified unit of their choosing. If there is no child under 6 years old in or expected to reside in the unit, then only the Lead Disclosure Rule must be followed.