LSHR Toolkit: Implement


Whenever any renovation, remodeling, repair, or painting is undertaken in a pre-1978 residential housing unit, a grantee, public agency, subrecipient, property owner, or manager must identify the extent and level of the proposed work, the standards and requirements that will apply, and that the proper LBP hazard reduction activities are carried out by qualified workers or contractors. Regardless of whether the work will simply be repairing interior or exterior building components as the result of normal wear and tear at unit sale or lease, or conducting substantial rehabilitation, any worker or contractor carrying out lead-based paint hazard reduction activities must be trained and qualified. These requirements set forth here apply not only to the standards for routine maintenance and painting, but also for full lead abatement, which will permanently eliminate the identified hazards.

When lead hazard reduction activities are complete, clearance must be completed. Watch the Clearance Examination Highlights video to learn the basics of how to complete a clearance examination.

Tool Name Description
Lead Hazard Reduction Methods Provides explanations of the different methods of lead hazard reduction.
Lead Hazard Presumption Notice – Sample Form Provides a notice template for when lead-based paint is presumed rather than evaluated.
Pre-construction Conference Checklist Reviews steps for conducting a pre-construction conference for rehabilitation work.
Post-Work Checklist for Lead Hazard Reduction Activities Reviews steps to complete work for lead hazard reduction activities.
Guidance on Relocation Includes guidance to evaluate when tenant relocation is needed during lead hazard reduction activities.
Abatement Report Review Worksheet Documents that clearance was achieved and the abatement report is complete following an abatement job.
Clearance Report Review Worksheet Documents that clearance was achieved and the clearance report is complete following interim controls or standard treatments.
Sample Clearance Report Provides a sample clearance report from a small rehabilitation job.
Sample Notice of Lead Hazard Reduction Notifies residents when lead hazard reduction is complete.