IDIS Account Creation and Maintenance

How to Obtain an IDIS OnLine Account

New Grantee/PJ user requests or profile changes must be made by the organization’s Chief Executive Officer (or their designee).

  • Grantee/PJ User must fill out this form
  • Have the form notarized as directed on the form
  • Submit it to your local HUD field office
  • If the field office recognizes the person who signed, they will forward the request to HUD HQ

New IDIS users will be issued a “B” number as your username. Contact the HITS National Help Desk (888) 297-8689 (Option 3) for temporary passwords.

Upon initial login, new users will be prompted to create a new password that must contain:

  • a minimum of eight characters
  • at least one uppercase letter
  • at least one lowercase letter
  • at least one number
  • at least one special character

Password Resets

Your IDIS OnLine password will be locked after three successive incorrect password attempts. If this happens, you  must call the HITS National Help Desk (888) 297-8689 (Option 3), and request a password reset. Note: HUD HQ staff and the HUD Exchange Ask a Question (AAQ) help desk cannot reset passwords.

Keeping Your IDIS Account Active

Your IDIS OnLine password expires every 90 days, so ensure you access IDIS at least twice a month. Users who do not use IDIS within a 90 day period will find their accounts are de-activated.

If your ID has been de-activated you will not be able to access IDIS. Grantee users who wish to renew a lapsed ID must re-submit an IDIS Access Request Form to their CPD Representative.

Separation of Duties

Effective December 14, 2001, the same person can no longer both request and approve a given draw down in IDIS.

While individual persons may have the power to both request and approve draws, this rule prevents an individual from approving a draw that he or she created. IDIS requires two people to be involved in every draw down of funds.

Currently, the IDIS Local Administrator initially defines what a person can do in IDIS, carrying out the wishes of each grantee's authorizing official — mayor, grant holder, CEO, CFO, etc. Some users have the power to request a draw down andothers have the power to approve a draw down. Some users have full rights, while others have limited rights of various kinds.

Training and Testing on the UAT Test Servers

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) server is available for individual learning and is used in live training classes.

The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) server is also available for testing IDIS.

Your initial User ID and Password will be your existing CID/HID. While the User ID can be upper- or lower-case, the password must be only upper case. You will be prompted to change your password. At that point, your password is permanent.

Please do not use your current IDIS password for your initial login; it will not work with this UAT environment.

If you get locked out of IDIS OnLine UAT, wait 2 minutes and try logging in again. If you still have difficulty logging in, please call the HUD National Help Desk (888) 297-8689 to change a password in the UAT environment.