IDIS Resources for the CDBG Program

Introduction to IDIS for CDBG Grantees

NewIDIS Training for CDBG Grantees

In these self-paced modules, IDIS experts show you how to navigate IDIS, and enter your data.

Modules available:

  • Introduction to IDIS for CDBG Grantees
  • Introduction to Housing Activities
  • Adding Housing Activities
  • Reporting Housing Accomplishments
  • Introduction to Area Benefit
  • Adding Area Benefit Activities
  • Reporting Area Benefit Accomplishments
  • *New* Introduction to Limited Clientele
  • *New* Adding Limited Clientele Activities
  • *New* Reporting on Limited Clientele Accomplishments

Coming soon: Modules addressing other CDBG national objectives – Job Creation or Retention, Prevention or Elimination of Slums or Blight and Urgent Need. An additional module will provide instruction on the financial functions of IDIS.