HPRP Peer to Peer Resources

This page contains resources developed and shared by HPRP TA Providers and grantees that may be useful to other grantees. These resources have not been reviewed by HUD or its contractors for applicability, legality, or compliance with Federal statutory and regulatory guidelines. Use of these resources does not ensure that a grantee or subgrantee is compliant with the HPRP Notice or will not have a Finding if monitored by HUD. The posting of these documents on the HUD Exchange is not intended as an endorsement of the documents by HUD or any of its contractors.

Please bear in mind that some of these resources were created by communities based on their specific needs and objectives, and they reflect the local laws and policies of that community. Each community should go through its own process to develop policies and corresponding procedures that are appropriate locally and that are compliant with Federal, state, and local law.

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Program Planning and Design

Homelessness Prevention: Creating Programs that Work

This resource includes a guide and companion guide that will help organizations create or improve homelessness prevention and shelter diversion programs. The guide describes the critical decisions that have to be made about targeting services, referrals, staffing, partnerships, and outcomes.

Date Published: July 2009

Rapid Re-Housing: Creating Programs that Work

This guide walks through the steps of creating a rapid re-housing program, including selecting a program structure, selecting a target population, performing screening and assessment, creating a housing plan, providing financial assistance, and performing landlord recruitment, housing stabilization, evaluation, and staffing.

Date Published: July 2009

Organizational Change: Adopting a Housing First Approach

This tool-kit is intended for HPRP grantees and subgrantees that are planning on using HPRP funds to shift their programs to Housing First models.

Date Published: August 2009

HPRP: Opportunities for Systems Transformation and Sustainability

This paper is intended for HPRP grantees and subgrantees seeking information on the transformation of the homelessness system to one that focuses on housing stability.

Date Published: April 2009

Procurement and Subgrantee Selection

New York Homelessness Prevention Program Application

The State of New York's Homeless Prevention Program issued this NOFA targeting nonprofit service providers in New York City. With modifications, it could serve as a template for HPRP grantees that elect to allocate funds for homeless prevention services under HPRP.

Date Published: May 2009

Minnesota Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) RFP Guidelines and Application Form

Request for Proposal (RFP) Guidelines and Application Form from the Minnesota Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP). This sample RFP is a guide to applying for the State's prevention program, but could be modified by HPRP grantees to fit the new HUD program and their own local priorities. The MN program stresses community linkages, strategic planning, and the use of advisory committees.

Date Published: January 2009

Client Intake, Assessment, and Case Management

City of Long Beach HPRP Intake and Assessment Forms

These sample needs assessment forms are from the City of Long Beach HPRP. It includes eligibility assessment forms for: Risk Assessment - Prevention; Homeless Prevention Services; Rapid Rehousing Services; and Continuum of Care Services. These forms could be modified and used by other HPRP grantees to assess client eligibility.

Date Published: June 2011

Alameda County, Priority Home Partnership (PHP) HPRP Intake and Assessment Forms

This page includes intake and assessment forms and other tools developed by Priority Home Partnership (PHP) of Alameda County. These forms and tools may be useful for other HPRP grantees. PHP is a collaborative effort of public and non-profit agencies throughout Alameda County and is a critical component of the County’s plan to end homelessness.

Date Published: August 2011

Housing Search and Housing Inspections

Colorado Housing Search Website

Colorado developed a resource for connecting people in need of housing with available affordable housing that could be used as model for HPRP housing search and placement assistance.

Date Published: June 2005

Interagency Collaboration

Homelessness Prevention and Re-Housing: Key Partnerships

This article is intended for HPRP grantees and subgrantees seeking guidance on developing key partnerships.

Date Published: April 2009