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Quarter 3 2021, Volume 9 Issue 3

A Message from David Berenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Housing Counseling

As leaders in the housing counseling industry, each of us must play an important role in creating a real estate and housing finance marketplace where every individual and family enjoys equal housing opportunity and the chance to experience the benefits of homeownership.

In a major step to realize this goal, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) during National Homeownership Month announced that it will modify monthly student loan payment calculations. This modification will “remove barriers and provide more access to affordable single-family FHA-insured mortgage financing for creditworthy individuals with student loan debt, which has a disproportionate impact on people of color.” I am very excited about this initiative, and the role that HUD-approved housing counseling organizations can play in expanding access to homeownership to the next generation of homeowners – the most diverse in our nation’s history.

The Office of Housing Counseling team looks forward to actively partnering with you on your initiatives that work to break down barriers to homeownership for communities of color. We are committed to ensuring racial equity in housing, narrowing the racial wealth gap, and moving the nation beyond the pandemic through our housing counseling initiatives.

As we work together to ensure that every individual and family has a safe and stable place to call home while the nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to express appreciation to each of you for your success and impact in ensuring that we are part of the solution. As we move the nation forward to leverage the full impact of the housing counseling community, I am confident that we will make a difference through our direct services. Working together, I know we are up to the challenge.


David Berenbaum

David Berenbaum

Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Housing Counseling