Quarter 1 2021, Volume 9 Issue 1

Rental Housing Counseling and Eviction Prevention Webinar Series and Resources

Most notably during the COVID-19 national emergency, rental housing counseling is a priority for HUD and its housing counseling agency (HCA) partners across the country. HCAs are working with clients to prevent evictions and address tenant rights and responsibilities. They assist clients in working with landlords to preserve stable housing, develop sustainable household budgets, and connect clients to eviction prevention and rental resources in their communities. HUD’s Rental Housing Counseling and Eviction Prevention webpage provides resources to effectively prepare HCAs for rental counseling during COVID-19.

HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) has new training available under the Readying Your Organization for Rental Housing Counseling Webinar Series. Three sessions are available for viewing:

Look for HUD’s registration announcements in the training digest for the final two webinars in the series:

  • Leveraging Community Partners for Eviction Prevention: Learn how HCAs partner with other programs in their communities to promote stable housing and leverage funding to prevent eviction.
  • The Impact of Rental Housing Counseling on Eviction Prevention: Learn about the impact of rental housing counseling based upon historical 9902 data and how agencies are making an impact through housing counseling.

Agencies are also participating in a community of practice to share lessons learned and best practices. If your agency would like to participate, please contact info@hudexchange.info with “rental housing counseling community of practice” in the subject line. These sessions will inform the creation of technical assistance tools for HCAs.

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