Quarter 1 2021, Volume 9 Issue 1

Track Your Path to HUD Housing Counselor Certification

Housing counselors have until August 1, 2021, to become HUD certified. Certification is a two-step process: (a) take and pass the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam and (b) validate employment at a HUD-approved housing counseling agency through FHA’s FHA Connection system. Counselors still working on certification should start the process as soon as possible. The following sample timeline describes each step involved in the HUD certification process.

Become certified in less than 4 months! First, study for the exam. On February 2, take the knowledge assessment tool. On March 1, take the assessment tool again to test your pogress. On March 15, take the practice exam. Then, complete exam preparation activities. On April 1, make sure space is eligible and equipped or testing site is available. On March 14, take and pass the exam! If you do not pass on the first try, re-take it afterwards as needed over the next month. On May 14, request that your employment is verified in FHA Connection. On June 1, the FHAC coordinator will validate employment. Congratulations! You are now a HUD Certified Housing Counselor.