Quarter 1 2021, Volume 9 Issue 1

9902 Program Impact Data Display Dashboards and FY 2020 Data

Our new Housing Counseling Program Data Displays are dynamic, interactive dashboards showing data from the HUD-9902 Housing Counseling Agency Activity Report. Each quarter, information on the demographics, services, and impacts of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies (HCAs) are submitted to HUD’s Housing Counseling System through HCAs’ client management systems. In the past, 9902 datasets were posted at the national level in an Excel spreadsheet, but now these customizable displays provide greater interactivity. The displays are updated each quarter with the latest 9902 data.

The 9902 data displays provide agencies and stakeholders with the:

  • Impacts of HUD’s Housing Counseling Program at the state and national level.
  • Trends across housing counseling activity in a visually appealing and understandable format.

Each dashboard was created using data visualization software. The dashboards provide a variety of functionality. Here are some ways to interact with the dashboards:

  • Filter: Click on the filters in the top left-hand corner of the dashboards to change the data you are viewing. You can also select data for multiple states at a time.
  • Toggle: Click on the “Total” and “Percent” buttons on the dashboards to view the data by different metrics.
  • Download: Download dashboard data as an image, PDF, PowerPoint, or Tableau workbook by selecting a format at the bottom right-hand corner of each dashboard.
  • Hover: Move your mouse over the dashboards to bring up additional information.

The displays have been updated with cumulative FY 2020 data in six easy-to-read dashboards: Scope of Services, Households Served by State, Race and Ethnicity, Income Level, Impact of Services, and State Profiles.

HUD’s 9902 data project has two phases. Phase I includes the currently available public-facing dashboards at the national and state level. Phase II is set to launch in 2021 and will include agency-level dashboards, available to agencies by logging into the HUD Exchange. The data displays are part of the Housing Counseling 9902 Toolkit, designed to assist agencies with 9902 reporting. HUD recommends exploring these displays to better understand trends within your agency.

Magnifying Glass

Top 3 Impacts in FY 2020

427,877 households developed a budget.

313,648 households learned about fair housing, fair lending, and/or accessibility rights.

153,934 households improved their financial capacity.


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