Quarter 4 2020, Volume 8 Issue 4

Doug Wiles from Debthelper.com: Connecting with Clients Through Humor

Doug Wiles, who refers to himself as “older than the introduction of a ball point pen,” passed his HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam at the age of 89 years old. His employer, HUD-approved housing counseling agency Debthelper.com, could not be any prouder!

An octogenarian when hired eight years ago, Doug still tops the age charts at Debthelper.com as the oldest counselor on staff. Doug admittingly loves talking to people and starting up conversations, which is beneficial for his primary role of providing seniors with reverse mortgage counseling. Doug taps into his earlier years of expertise as a reverse mortgage specialist to enhance his clients’ experience, along with adding a few “dad” jokes here and there.

Doug works part-time with Debthelper.com in their branch office located in West Palm Beach, FL. Their mission is dedicated to educating, advising, and empowering clients of all ages to handle debt and credit and to provide affordable housing opportunities through the acquisition and rehabilitation of residential properties. Debthelper.com partners with those who create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives, and strengthen their communities.

Photo of Doug Wiles

Debthelper.com Housing Counselor Doug Wiles