Quarter 3 2020, Volume 8 Issue 3

GreenPath Financial Wellness: Using Grant Funds to Expand Financial Counseling During COVID-19

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a national nonprofit with a long-standing track record of providing trusted housing counseling that offers financial counseling and debt management services. GreenPath’s hotline has assisted nine million distressed borrowers since the 2008 housing crisis. Since mid-March 2020, GreenPath has seen a 50 percent increase in hotline calls from homeowners and renters faced with sudden job loss, reduced income, and other financial challenges.

"Millions of people are facing financial concerns due to COVID-19," said Kristen Holt, president and CEO, GreenPath Financial Wellness. "We’re here to guide them and help them understand their options. The Wells Fargo grant strengthens our ability to meet increased demand when these services are needed the most."

GreenPath was recently awarded a $750,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation to deliver timely counseling to meet the needs of renters and homeowners affected by the COVID-19 national emergency. Funds from Wells Fargo are available for immediate use serving those seeking assistance.

These funds expand the availability of counseling through HUD’s Housing Counseling Program and other important resources that address a household’s entire financial situation, including the importance of paying for essentials, understanding debt repayment options, and balancing housing costs with credit card debt, student loans, and unanticipated hardships stemming from the COVID-19 national emergency.

Those seeking counseling can obtain one-on-one counseling by calling 888-995-HOPE. Assistance is free, and no appointment is necessary.

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