Quarter 2 2020, Volume 8 Issue 2

Housing Counseling Technology Page

The Housing Counseling Technology page on the HUD Exchange provides information to assist housing counseling agencies in expanding their use of technology in daily operations. In particular, the information is designed for housing counseling agencies to further leverage web platforms to improve efficiency, standardize operations, measure outcomes, strengthen their connection with their clients, and increase the value of the counseling they deliver. Other information on the page includes:

  • Expanding web-based services or referral networks
  • Choosing the right client management system for your organization

Housing counseling agencies may find the content on this page helpful for exploring how to leverage technology throughout the COVID-19 national emergency.

devices on table

Please note that HUD does not endorse any of the companies or systems mentioned on the Technology page. Counselors should take on the responsibility of researching web platforms, CMSs, and advertising tools before deciding to use them at their agency.