Quarter 1 2020, Volume 7 Issue 12

RCAC: Housing Counseling Experiences

In 2019, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC) provided housing counselors with training on several topics, including disaster preparation, core competencies, program management, housing sustainability, fair lending, and loan documentation review.

RCAC’s trainings on core competencies helped counselors prepare for the six exam topics while learning tips for studying and taking the exam. RCAC also offered a class on training techniques that was well received by attendees, who learned new ways enhance their own trainings. Trainees learned meaningful exercises and games to be incorporated into their own curriculum to keep their trainings engaging and interesting.

RCAC visited less-populated locations that have a need for education and scholarships. Some students have driven more than 500 miles each way to a training. In addition, students from all over the United States attend the trainings that RCAC conducts in larger cities where opportunities for lasting network relationships were formed.

In addition to live classes, RCAC hosted various webinar series in 2019. In order to remain engaged while participating in PowerPoint presentations, students completed activities in a workbook. The feedback and quiz results reviewed after each class indicate that real learning took place as counselors spent valuable time learning new skills and obtaining key information for their jobs.

Visit RCAC’s website for more information on registration, fees, or scholarships. For registration questions, contact the training department at registration@rcac.org or 916-447-9832 x1429. For content questions, contact Debie Baranchulk at dbaranchulk@rcac.com or 916-447-9832 x1019.

couple at housing counseling