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May/June 2019, Volume 7 Issue 09

New Communication Tools Are on the Way

The Office of Housing Counseling is dedicated to providing support to HUD-approved housing counseling agencies across the country. One effective way is by creating comprehensive and engaging collateral materials specifically designed for consumers at varying stages of the housing counseling process. In early May 2019, we completed another nationwide mailing to all of our 1,779 HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and 65 field offices. Each agency received 25 copies of the Renter’s Guide Brochure Suite, Dealing with Default, Facing Foreclosure, and the Beat the Odds 2.0 poster in English and Spanish.

New Materials for Everyone

Housing Counseling at a Glance

What better way to convey the power of housing counseling than with an eye-catching poster! The Beat the Odds 2.0 poster quantifies the reach of housing counseling with several astounding facts. For example, housing counselors have helped prevent an estimated 200,000 foreclosures and improved more than half a million consumer budgets. The poster, designed to hang in the offices and lobbies of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies, will no doubt instill confidence in the minds of visiting consumers. Agencies will receive the poster in both English and Spanish.

Beat the Odds Infographic

Renter Brochures

Renter’s Guide Brochure Suite

Purchasing a home isn’t always the right choice for every consumer, so it is important to offer informational materials on other housing options. The Renter's Guide brochure illustrates to potential renters the value of receiving guidance from HUD-approved housing counseling agencies about navigating through the rental process, avoiding common mistakes, understanding the rights and responsibilities of tenancy, and much more.

Default and Foreclosure Brochures

Even meticulous planning cannot account for the unforeseen changes in a person’s finances. Homeowners need to know that there are options if they are facing default or foreclosure. The Dealing with Default and Facing Foreclosure brochures position housing counseling agencies as the go-to resource for helpful options facing homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages.

Default and Foreclosure Brochures

Existing Homeowners Brochures

Existing Homeowners

Homeownership is a marathon, not a sprint. Purchasing a home is as much about maintaining and growing your investment as it is nurturing and sheltering your family. The Homeowners: Keys to Successful Homeownership brochure provides tips and resources for saving, resources for workshops, energy-saving tips, and more.

Request Additional Resources

If you need more of these materials, they are also available from the HUD Direct Distribution Center. Requests are accepted by telephone. You can contact the Direct Distribution Center Monday through Friday at (800) 767-7468 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. When ordering, provide the item ID# and the quantity requested.

These materials can also be found at for digital download. You can also e-mail to order printed materials that can be sent to you or to request electronic versions. When ordering, provide the ID number (ID #00000) shown above next to the material and the amount of each. Please note that you can order a maximum of 25 copies of each item. The new materials will also be available in Spanish in the very near future!

If you have any questions or would like additional information, feel free to contact the Office of Housing Counseling at and put “Communications Materials” on the subject line of your e-mail.