January/February 2019, Volume 7 Issue 07

Passing Marks: Successful Exam Preparation

The Office of Housing Counseling is dedicated to bringing housing counseling agencies a range of resources that help build capacity to provide quality housing counseling services. As we mentioned in the December 2018 issue of The Bridge, this year we are sharing success stories and examination preparation tips. Our first story highlights Pam Moore, Deputy Director at HomesFund in Durango, Colorado. Pam passed the HUD certified housing counselor examination in one attempt after successful preparation efforts.

“As a housing counselor with 20 years of banking and mortgage lending experience and five years of counseling experience, I felt confident about taking the test,” Pam shared. “However, I knew I only wanted to take it once and be done, so I studied and prepared.”

Pam’s preparation for the counseling exam included taking a NeighborWorks America HUD HO200 Preparing for the HUD Certification Course. She also participated in a six-part webinar series through the Rural Community Assistance Corporation and used the HUD online study guides and practice tests. Additionally, Pam spent her study time on topics outside of her normal business expertise. Through her studies, she realized her focus needed to be on foreclosure, tenancy, and some of the fine details about fair housing, including dates acts were passed and which acts granted which benefits.

When it was time to take the test, Pam was very careful to read each question slowly and make sure she was clear about what was being asked. The entire test took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Of the 90 questions presented, Pam only guessed at two answers. Otherwise, she found the test to be straightforward, the topics to be familiar, and the content to be reflective of what was presented in all the review courses.

Pam encourages housing counselors to prepare and get the test finished. She believes it was not overwhelming and that with some simple preparation and planning, it should be easy. “Just do it!” she said.

The Office of Housing Counseling thanks Pam for sharing her story!

Free on-line training, a downloadable study guide, and practice examination are available for registered users at hudhousingcounselors.com. The downloadable study guide and practice examination are also available in Spanish. For a list of upcoming training and examination preparation courses from HUD training partners, please visit the HUD Exchange Training Digest and Training Partners pages. Please contact training partners for information on available scholarships.

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