January/February 2019, Volume 7 Issue 07

Knowledge Management and the Office of Housing Counseling

A previous Bridge article, published in early 2018, about Knowledge Management (KM) introduced the technology and how the Office of Housing Counseling could benefit from incorporating it into its business processes and management. The Office contracted with KPMG to assist in developing a KM structure that can be embedded into the developing Housing Counseling Agency Management System (HCAMS). The first year of the KM program focused on defining the best operational ‘fit’ for KM in the Office of Housing Counseling’s operating and business environment. KPMG has been working with Office of Housing Counseling Teams on document/data types, information flow within the Office, and future states of this information. HCAMS is the automated business process and framework, while KM will provide the management structure for information flow, intuitive reporting based on user-defined queries, data analytics for Office of Housing Counseling staff and management, and strategic planning based on identified data trends.

Over the last six months, Office of Housing Counseling staff focused efforts on examining existing documents in Headquarters, HUD Field Offices, and Office of Housing Counseling Share Point sites to determine the extent of files, documents, and artifacts that meet the criteria for records retention under federal statutes. For example, more than 10,000 documents have been reviewed for consideration of retaining or processed for disposition/ disposal. Retained files, documents, and artifacts, along with Office of Housing Counseling Share Point files, will be introduced into KM and be integrated in the Office’s electronic knowledge-based operating platform. Many of you may ask, “What about Housing Counseling System (HCS)”? Have no fear, KM will incorporate the volumes of HCS data, collected for more than 15 years, once the transition is complete.

Future KM updates will be posted in The Bridge as progress is made in implementing this dynamic management tool.

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