August 2018, Volume 7 Issue 02

Keeping the Faith

Cynthia Dolan is a religious woman whose faith was severely tested in recent years. Her economic stability and that of her three young children was shaken when she suffered debilitating head and neck injuries in a car accident, leaving her unable to work.

Cynthia came to Housing Solutions for Southeastern Massachusetts when she feared she might lose her home to foreclosure. She had run into one obstacle after another in her efforts to modify her mortgage. Fortunately, none of this discouraged Veronica Truell, Housing Solutions’ Homeownership Coordinator, who also made sure that Cynthia didn’t lose her faith.

Cynthia and Veronica’s determination with the lender — multiple applications, documentation, phone calls, and faxes — paid off after several months when Cynthia finally received her modification. But there was still work to be done.

Cynthia’s house in Plymouth had suffered badly from deferred maintenance brought about by the same financial hardships that led her to the brink of foreclosure. There were major electrical issues, and roof damage and other exterior envelope deficiencies made the house and Cynthia’s family susceptible to the elements. Veronica connected Cynthia with Greater Plymouth Habitat for Humanity.

They put a plan together to not only address the house’s immediate needs but to make it a comfortable and beautiful home for the family. Plymouth Redevelopment Authority provided funds for the project, and a crew of Habitat for Humanity volunteers transformed the home.

On a cloudy autumn afternoon, 50 members of Cynthia’s extended family, of which Veronica and Housing Solutions are now happily a part, assembled at the home that Veronica helped save from foreclosure and that Habitat saved from the elements. With her children by her side, Cynthia thanked Veronica, Housing Solutions, and Habitat for Humanity for enabling her family to live in their beautiful home on a disability income.

“You have all reminded me that there is still good in this world,” Cynthia said. “I now call you friends — my group of volunteer angels.”

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