July 2018, Volume 7 Issue 01

Spotlight: RX® Office Case Management System by Indisoft

The Indisoft RX® Office Housing Counselor Case Management System (CMS) has been HUD-compliant since 2010. The comprehensive RX® cloud-based technology platform has helped integrate technology into the housing industry.

Indisoft’s RX® Office CMS supports HUD housing counselors in all business lines related to residential mortgages. On the mortgage servicing side, it supports housing counselors in their efforts to provide foreclosure prevention counseling – including submission and exchange of documents with residential mortgage servicers for all workout-types, not just modifications and post-modification work with consumers.

Indisoft’s RX® Office CMS also supports the HUD-9902 activity report, which allows agencies to check and validate data before submitting it to HUD. The report – which can be accessed via one-click export in Excel – can also be used to identify missing data points, thereby allowing counselors to correct issues in a specific client record.  

For housing counseling intermediaries, the RX® Office Affiliate Management System’s configurable dashboard enables live access and visibility of all affiliate network activities. As soon as an affiliate creates a case, it is visible in the portal to the intermediary. Intermediaries may also create and assign cases to specific affiliates based on any parameter, enabling periodic audits of the affiliates and tracking of network counselor certifications.

The most unique feature of RX® is its position as the gateway for housing counseling agencies into the expanding HLP collaborative consortium. Using single sign-on to IndiSoft’s RX® CMS platform, HLP connects housing counselors to residential mortgage servicers, lenders, and other participants nationwide.

HLP eliminates the use of snail mail, faxes, and unsecure emails to meet the expected level of information security mandatory in financial services. Also, transparency, consistency of treatment, continuity of communication, and standardization of business rules provide accountability on all parties in this consortium-based model.

Since the Indisoft-HLP platform must meet approved-vendor status of participating lenders, servicers, and government entities, it must satisfy rigorous security and application performance requirements, including annual audits. Housing counseling agencies subscribing to RX® CMS need only have a computer with a web-browser to take advantage of these clearances to become a business partner.

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