July 2018, Volume 7 Issue 01

What to Know: Taking the Housing Counseling Exam Online

If you are planning on taking your housing counseling certification exam online, there are some things you need to know about the environment around you when it is time to log in for your test.

Required Testing Environment:

  • The room should be well-lit, quiet, and free from distraction.
  • The testing surface must be clutter-free and contain only one computer, one monitor, one keyboard, and one mouse.
  • Lanyards/badges, watches, bracelets, and necklaces are not permitted to be worn during testing. Please remove all items from your neck and wrists.
  • Interaction with another individual during your test session is not permitted.
  • You may not use dual monitors.
  • You cannot take a break for any reason. If you leave the workstation during the exam, your test sponsor will be informed.
  • You may not lean out of the camera view during your test session. The proctor must be able to see you at all times.
  • Cell phones are not permitted in the testing area.
  • Reading the exam aloud is prohibited.
  • You may not use pencils, pens, or paper.
  • You may not bring a calculator; one is provided online within the test.
  • Housing informational signs, posters, and notices are prohibited in the testing area.
  • You will be recorded during the entire exam experience.

For more information about other testing requirements (e.g. computer system requirements, biometric requirements), please visit HUDHousingCounselors.com. Once on the website, select “Access the Exam Center.” Here, you can access the 15 training modules that will help you prepare for the exam; take the the practice exam; and schedule your test, whether online or in person. You will need to register to access the website and there is no cost to do so.

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