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May 2018, Volume 6 Issue 11

Office of Housing Counseling – Webinars and Training

HUD Housing Counseling Program participating housing counseling agencies are encouraged to have their counselors participate in formal training. There are many ways agencies can access training for their housing counselors and housing counseling program managers. The Office of Housing Counseling recently launched the new Training Digest on the HUD Exchange. The Training Digest allows users to easily view upcoming trainings from HUD, HUD-funded partners, and other Office of Housing Counseling training partners.

In addition to HUD’s training partners that offer scholarships and a multitude of training topics related to housing counseling, the Office of Housing Counseling also offers webinars and online training. The Office announces new webinars via the Listserv. Webinars are typically scheduled monthly. Counselors must register in advance for the webinar via a hyperlink provided in the Listserv announcement. After registering, a counselor will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Registrants will want to view system requirements prior to the event to ensure a smooth connection to the Office of Housing Counseling’s webinars. After the training, attendees are sent an email confirming their participation. This serves as the training certificate.

If the timing of the webinar is inconvenient for your staff, no problem! The Office of Housing Counseling posts all of its webinars in archival form on the Webinar Archive on the HUD Exchange, so that they can be viewed 24/7. There is no fee required to view archived webinars. Users just need to create an account on the HUD Exchange. The webinar archive includes the original PowerPoint presentation as well as an audio recording of the webinar. The webinar audio recordings are only available for a 12-month period following the date of a specific webinar. The PowerPoint and transcript do not have an expiration date and continue to remain available for viewing. The webinar archive also provides a tool to filter webinars chronologically or by 10 topics.

All completed archived webinars can be added to your electronic transcript. Select the “Get Credit” button on the training page to get credit and add the course to your transcript. This transcript can serve as a counselor’s proof of training and be provided to HUD staff during a performance review.

The Office of Housing Counseling also offers free online training courses on HUD Exchange. Courses include “Intro to Housing Counseling,” which is ideal for new housing counseling staff, and “Network Monitoring” for intermediaries and state housing finance agencies. Course completion can be included on your electronic transcript.

Perhaps some of the most relevant free trainings the Office of Housing Counseling offers are the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Examination Training Modules available at www.hudhousingcounselors.com. There are 15 specialized training modules that take between 30 to 90 minutes each to complete covering a broad range of topics including responsibilities of homeownership and tenancy; avoidance of foreclosure and eviction; financial management; and fair housing.

To assist housing counselors in preparing for the HUD certified housing counselor exam, the HUD Housing Counselors Training is available to anyone who creates a user ID on the website. Although completing the training is not required to take the certification examination, the Office of Housing Counseling highly suggests that test takers complete all the training modules before taking the practice and certification examinations. There are two formats available for study at your own pace – anytime, anywhere. The downloadable study guide is available in both English and Spanish.

The Office of Housing Counseling invites and encourages all housing counseling agencies to take advantage of the multitude of available training opportunities. Nothing is more valuable to clients than a counselor armed with up-to-date knowledge!

person taking online training