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May 2018, Volume 6 Issue 11

The Bridge Online: Search Capabilities on the HUD Exchange

The Bridge Online offers many ways to search and find articles. Simply select “View past issues of The Bridge” to get started. You can search all issues of the newsletter by month or by title in the Archive. To find an article on a specific topic, you can use the HUD Exchange Search bar, which is pre-populated with the search phrase, “Housing Counseling The Bridge.” Simply add keywords such as “counselor exam” to narrow your search. Below are two examples of searches and their top results.

screenshot showing how to search the bridge

Looking for an article about the Housing Counseling Notice of Funding Availability?

Search “Housing Counseling The Bridge NOFA” and related articles will appear in the search results:

Looking for an article about the housing counselor certification exam?

Search “Housing Counseling The Bridge counselor exam” and related articles appear in the search results:

As more issues of The Bridge Online become available, there will be more specific articles accessible via the search. However, issues that precede December 2017 are only available in PDF form. You can still search for specific articles from older issues but you will need to browse the PDF to find the article of interest.