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May 2018, Volume 6 Issue 11

Housing Counselor Certification: The Role of the FHA Connection Application Coordinator

Did you know employment verification is a critical component of housing counselor certification? A housing counselor who passes the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Examination will be designated as a HUD Certified Housing Counselor only when the counselor’s agency verifies that the individual works for the agency. This verification occurs through HUD’s FHA Connection – an online platform that provides Federal Housing Authority (FHA)-approved lenders and business partners with direct, secure, online access to computer systems of HUD – and can only be completed by the agency’s FHA Connection Application Coordinator. In addition to verifying counselor employment, the FHA Connection Application Coordinator also notifies HUD when a housing counselor no longer works for the agency.

Don’t let the long title fool you; becoming an agency FHA Connection Application Coordinator is not a lengthy or cumbersome process. It is a simple online process and the steps to register are available on the Housing Counselor Certification Application page. Please note that an agency’s FHA Connection Application Coordinator cannot be an individual who is currently registered in eLOCCS (e.g., the agency’s eLOCCS coordinator or eLOCCS administrator).

An agency does not need to wait until its counselors apply for certification to designate an FHA Connection Application Coordinator. This can be done now, allowing for an easy certification process when the agency’s counselors have passed the certification exam. HUD has posted frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide more information regarding the FHA Connection Application Coordinator role. To access these on HUD Exchange, go to the Housing Counseling FAQs page and type “application coordinator” in the FAQ Keyword Search box.

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