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The Office of Housing Counseling Bridge Newsletter -
April 2018

April 2018, Volume 6 Issue 10

Focusing on Efficient Program Management

From the Deputy Assistant Secretary

From the Deputy Assistant Secretary

Sarah Gerecke Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Housing Counseling covers what’s in this month’s issue.

Featured Stories

Two people looking at mortgage

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Default Counseling

Learn what HECM default counseling is and how counselors can help at risk borrowers.

Person counting money

How to Prevent the Recapture of Grant Funds

Although the Office of Housing Counseling typically recaptures a small fraction of the overall funding in any fiscal year, HUD and housing counseling agencies should work together toward the goal of eliminating the recapture of grant funds.

woman smiling

What Happens During a Performance Review and How Does an Agency Prepare?

Performance Reviews are based on the expiration date of the agency, internal quality controls, and whether the agency received a grant or not.

Measuring Performance on a Graph

The ABCs of Reporting: The HUD-9902 Quarterly Report

Take a closer look at the HUD-9902 Quarterly Report and how HUD uses this information to benefit its housing counseling agencies.

Business partners conducting a deal

Housing Partnership Network (HPN) Announces New Industry Collaboration

HPN is pleased to announce a joint effort to develop an exciting new platform for the housing industry that serves the needs of prospective and existing homeowners and renters across the U.S.

Online test

Five Tips to Prepare for the HUD Housing Counselor Certification Exam

Almost 90% of BALANCE’s housing counselors have passed the exam. Read about a few of their lessons learned to help prepare for the exam.

Team members working together

Solicitation for Members for the Housing Counseling Federal Advisory Committee (HCFAC)

A Federal Register Notice, published on April 9, 2018, announces vacancies on the HCFAC. HUD is seeking nominations to fill eight vacancies.

Disaster area

Federal Register Notice for Disaster Recovery Funds

HUD issued a Federal Register Notice allocating $7.39 billion in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds to assist in long-term recovery from 2017 disasters.

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Building Awareness for HUD Housing Counseling

HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling is committed to creating greater awareness of housing counseling, the countless consumers and professionals that utilize it, and all it has to offer.

On the Horizon

Upcoming training opportunities through HUD and its partners based upon this month’s theme.