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The Office of Housing Counseling Bridge Newsletter -
December 2017

December 2017, Volume 6 Issue 6

A Year of Landings and Launches

Reflecting on the Present, Preparing for the Future

Housing Counseling by the Numbers

As we wrap up the year, here is a recap of what the Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) is currently doing in 2017. Read through the rest of the issue to learn what the future will bring!

From the Deputy Assistant Secretary

From the Deputy Assistant Secretary

Sarah Gerecke Deputy Assistant Secretary, OHC covers what’s in this month’s issue.

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Training and Technical Assistance

Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 was an exciting and busy year for the OHC's Training and Technical Assistance Teams.

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Reducing Burdens

OHC is considering ways to improve agencies’ participation experience while ensuring that clients continue to receive quality counseling and education services. OHC is also leading initiatives to reduce the regulatory burden on housing counseling agency stakeholders.

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Incorporating Housing Counseling in the Mortgage Transaction

Over the past 18 months, OHC, in partnership with Freddie Mac, worked on creating a foundation for sharing housing counseling information among stakeholders in the housing counseling and mortgage industries.


Improved Reporting of Housing Counseling Activities

When more agencies report, OHC has a more robust data set and can better evaluate the overall impact of housing counseling activities.

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Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)

In FY 2017, HUD awarded a total of $50,525,888 in housing counseling grant funds. Approximately $47 million was allocated to comprehensive housing counseling grants, while an additional $3.5 million was set aside for housing counseling training grants.

Get Certified to Participate in HUD's Housing Counseling Program

OHC Launches Housing Counselor Certification

2017 was a year of major milestones for HUD Housing Counseling Certification, including both rule publication and systems enhancements for certification implementation.

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Housing Counseling Federal Advisory Committee (HCFAC)

HCFAC was established to advise OHC to meet its mission to provide individuals and families with the knowledge they need to obtain, sustain, and improve their housing through a strong national network of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies and HUD certified counselors.

Evacuation Route

Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

The OHC created the Disaster Assistance Response Team, or DART, after Hurricane Sandy to provide assistance and support to housing counseling agencies in disaster areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

OHC has been adding to the FAQs posted on HUD Exchange throughout 2017.

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Financial Analysis

Since FY 2011, the Office of Oversight and Accountability (OOA) has engaged the contractual services of a certified public accounting (CPA) firm, which assists OHC POCs in their evaluation of grantees' financial capability and compliance with fiscal obligations.

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Webinar Teaches How to Spend Grant Funds Quickly

The Office of Oversight and Accountability, in conjunction with the Office of Outreach and Capacity Building, held a webinar in August 2017 to help funded local housing counseling staff, HUD-approved intermediaries, state housing finance agencies, and multi-state organizations drastically reduce recaptures under the HUD Housing Counseling program.

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eLOCCS Process and Procedures

Since eLOCCS is the only grant disbursement system for housing counseling grants, OHC is working with the Office of the Chief Financial Office (OCFO) to make accessing and maintaining access to eLOCCS easier.

Resources and Training

A collection of tools and resources based upon this month’s issue.

On the Horizon

Upcoming training opportunities through HUD and its partners based upon this month’s theme.