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The Office of Housing Counseling Bridge Newsletter -
Quarter 2 2022

Cover Photo: Photo contains a collage of images. The first image shows military members in front of an American flag, the second photo shows an arial shot of a rural neighborhood, the third photo shows a family in front of moving boxes, the fourth photo shows a couple holding a set of keys, the fifth photo shows someone typing on a computer.

Quarter 2 2022, Volume 10 Issue 2

Housing Counseling: Support for a Place to Call Home

A Message from David Berenbaum

From the Deputy Assistant Secretary

David Berenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Housing Counseling (OHC), highlights National Homeownership Month (NHM), the role housing counselors play in promoting homeownership, and the future launch of new outreach programs to educate consumers on the availability of HUD-approved counseling services

Featured Stories

Photo of a hand holding a set of keys with a home in the background.

20 Years of Celebrating Homeownership

June marks the 20th anniversary of NHM and HUD is planning several events to furthers its commitment by working to remove barriers to homeownership.

Photo of a computer on a desk. The computer has the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Locator Tool on its screen.

New Tools to Find a HUD Certified Housing Counselor

The new Housing Counselor Agency (HCA) Locator Tool offers improved navigation by zip code, state, and service type to make finding and engaging with HUD-participating HCAs easier.

Person conducting a virtual meeting

Celebrating 30 Years as a Housing Counselor

OHC highlights the achievements of Sheri Williams, a dedicated housing counselor, who recently celebrated 30 years at Money Management International (MMI).

Family talking to a housing counselor

Promoting Equity in Housing Counseling

HUD covers key findings from a survey administered to HCAs to learn more about the type of support agencies need to achieve equity in their work.

Photo of a military family in front of a home and an American flag.

Helping Military Members Navigate Housing Challenges

Housing counselors can play an essential role in helping military families navigate challenges associated with housing needs and avoid scams and other predatory practices.

Single family home in a rural area

Supporting Homeownership in Rural Communities

Two HCAs share best practices on how to help people realize the dream of homeownership in rural communities.

Group of people in seminar

OHC Conferences Offer Unique Opportunities to Expand Knowledge and Network

Housing counselors can attend multiple conferences throughout the year to gain valuable insights and learn about new tools and resources that can enhance their ability to serve their communities.

Photo of a couple in front of a computer and looking at bills.

Using the Homeowner Assistance Fund to Help Clients

HUD provides guidance on the Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) and how to use to help address a range of homeownership-related expenses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aerial image of a neighborhood

Understanding Financial Resilience and Climate Change

OHC is contributing to a report intended to be a tool that policymakers can use to anticipate where steps need to be taken to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Photo of a woman typing on a computer.

E-Tools Expand Access to Pre-Purchase Education

HCAs across the country are expanding into online education, so there are more ways than ever for prospective homebuyers to access pre-purchase education.


View and Register for upcoming Housing Counseling trainings hosted by HUD and HUD's partners

Explore New Learning Opportunities

OHC offers training and programming to help build skills and enhance the knowledge of HCAs and their counselors. The OHC Training Digest is a valuable resource that provides the latest information on upcoming webinars, conferences, and other exciting learning opportunities.

Celebrate a HUD-Certified Housing Counselor on social media using #HUDcertifiedproud

Celebrating HUD Certified Professional Housing Counselors

This year, OHC is celebrating HUD Certified Professional Housing Counselors and the skill and expertise required to become one. Nominate a certified counselor to be featured in the Bridge Newsletter by posting on social media using #HUDCertifiedProud or emailing

Graphic title: Housing Counseling Impact. Subtitle: Change from Q4 (FY) 2020 to Q4 (FY) 2021. Graphic contains two boxes. The first box contains an icon of a mouse button and the following text: 5.2% more households gained access to resources to help them improve their housing situation. The second box shows a photo of a mom holding her son and the following text: 38.6% more households prevented or resolved a mortgage default after receiving housing counseling services.

Q2 News You Can Use

9902 data provided by HCAs from Quarter 4 Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 – Quarter 4 FY 2021.

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