Housing Counseling Research and Studies Archive

Housing Counseling Statistics

These slides provide statistics related to housing counseling activities.

Date Published: November 2014

Report on the Housing Counseling Stakeholders Forum

This report provides an overview of the Housing Counseling Stakeholders Forum held on September 27, 2012 at HUD Headquarters in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the forum was to discuss and generate ideas about several new priority areas related to HUD’s Housing Counseling Program. These priority areas include creating program metrics, grant making improvements and implementing new statutory requirements.

Date Published: September 2012

Foreclosure Counseling Outcome Study: Final Report Housing Counseling Outcome Evaluation

This study provides information on who accesses counseling services when facing challenges in paying their mortgage loan, what services those clients obtain, and identifies the outcomes the clients experienced in the following 18 months (though it cannot assert that the counseling caused the outcomes).

Date Published: May 2012

Pre-Purchase Counseling Outcome Study: Research Brief Housing Counseling Outcome Evaluation

This study provides detailed characteristics of a sample of people seeking pre-purchase counseling, including their income and credit status, their reasons for seeking counseling, the stage in the purchase process at which counseling occurs, and detailed information about the nature of counseling services delivered including total hours of counseling received, type of counseling, and which topics were covered.

Date Published: May 2012

Report on the State of the Housing Counseling Industry

This study provides a systematic overview of the housing counseling industry. The study covers all types of education and counseling services, including services for people seeking to purchase homes, for existing homeowners, for renters, and for people experiencing homelessness. A secondary goal is to investigate the challenges facing the industry and how HUD can best support the availability of good quality housing education and counseling.

Date Published: September 2008