LEP Toolkit Helps Agencies Appropriately Serve Linguistic Needs

View resources and best practices for providing services to limited English proficient (LEP) persons.

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Read Time: 5 minutes

LEP Persons Need Meaningful Access to Housing Programs and Services

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LEP persons from discrimination based on national origin in federally financed programs. Housing Counselors can play a meaningful role in making services and resources accessible to LEP individuals. The Housing Counseling Limited English Proficiency (LEP) toolkit is an excellent resource to help HCAs develop their Language Access Plan (LAP) and Four Factor Analysis, which includes identifying LEP individuals needing language assistance. Additionally, the toolkit provides LEP best practices and tips and tricks for filling out the HUD Form 9902.

To learn more information about Limited English Proficiency please visit LEP.gov.


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