Housing Counseling Basics Webinar Series

Read about new tools for housing counselors unveiled during the recent Housing Counseling Basics Webinar Series.

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Read Time: 5 minutes

Discover New Housing Counseling Resources and Guidance

The Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) recently presented this webinar series which focused on day-to-day required counseling tasks, grant administration, and HUD's current policies and procedures. The training provided knowledge of both new and existing tools and resources that may be helpful to staff who are learning the ropes and to more experienced housing counseling professionals looking for a refresher. During the webinar series, HUD unveiled their new sample grant activity report and sample individual client file checklist to help housing counselors carry out their responsibilities.

The Housing Counseling Basics Webinar Series included the following:

  • Financial Management and HUD Grant Administration
  • Recordkeeping and File Maintenance
  • Tips and Tricks for Using Your CMS and HCS

All sessions have been recorded and OHC encourages users to take the course and receive credit to add to your HUD Exchange learner transcript.

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