2023 Office of Housing Counseling Priorities and Program Updates

The Office of Housing Counseling (OHC) is excited to present its 2023 priorities and program updates.

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A Message from David Berenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Office of Housing Counseling

OHC recently released a Housing Counseling Today Welcome Letter written by Deputy Assistant Secretary for Office of Housing Counseling describing the 2023 OHC priorities and program updates.

“The Office of Housing Counseling professional staff and I look forward to engaging with you to realize our shared vision to assist individuals and families to obtain, sustain and improve their housing and to support our national network of HUD approved counseling agencies.”

David Berenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary, OHC

OHC is excited about its commitment to initiatives designed to improve and expand access to housing needs for all.

Read the Priorities Letter

Photo of David Berenbaum, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Housing Counseling.

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