HECM Default Counseling

HUD recognizes the need to expand the number of agencies and counselors who can provide default counseling for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) borrowers. To assist in this goal, HUD is taking the following measures:

  • HUD is permitting agencies to provide nationwide HECM default counseling (similar to the current process for HECM origination counseling) if it is part of the agency's current HUD-approved work plan for HECM default and if the agencies choose to do so. Default counseling for HECM loans can be provided by non-HECM Roster counselors.
  • HUD and their partners will be providing HECM default counseling training opportunities for all agencies currently providing, planning to provide, or building the capacity to provide this type of counseling. For weekly training updates, please visit the Training Digest.

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Agency Participation in HECM Default Counseling

HUD recommends that counselors who would like to learn more about providing HECM Default Counseling take the trainings available on the Educational Opportunities section of this page. If your agency a) provides default counseling currently or b) wishes to provide default counseling in the future, follow the instructions below.

  1. Agencies who are currently providing HECM default counseling should review their HUD work plans and reports to ensure they reflect their current process and future intentions to expand their operations so they can receive recognition and resources. As needed, agencies should modify their work plans to identify:
    1. The number of counselors providing HECM default services
    2. Where the agency currently provides this service
    3. Other geographic areas if they wish to expand their scope in the future
  2. Agencies who are not currently providing HECM default counseling can enhance and/or demonstrate capacity and experience in default counseling and knowledge of the HECM program to provide this service in the future. These agencies should provide to HUD:
    1. A statement of interest in providing the service
    2. An amended agency work plan that includes HECM default counseling
    3. A summary of their current level of default counseling experience and HECM program knowledge
    4. Resumes of counseling staff providing the counseling
    5. A summary of staff training around default and HECM counseling
    6. Geographic areas in which they currently provide this service and areas they wish to include in the future

Note: To provide HECM default counseling you do not have to be on the HECM roster.


HUD Intermediaries Providing HECM Default Counseling Nationwide

In some instances, clients may be at risk of or are currently in default on their HECM mortgage. Counselors from the below agencies are currently providing HECM default counseling. Please contact them to obtain HECM default counseling.

Agency Name and Website



(888) 860-4167

Guidewell Financial Solutions

(800) 642-2227

Housing Options Provided for the Elderly (HOPE)

(844) 432-6467

Money Management International

(877) 908-2227

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

(866) 698-6322

NeighborWorks America

(202) 760-4000

This list is currently only for HUD Intermediaries.

Please contact HUD at housing.counseling@hud.gov if you are providing HECM default counseling and would like to be put on this list.