Housing Counseling National and Regional Coalitions

This page contains contact information for housing counseling coalitions that operate nationally or throughout a state or region. These organizations focus on issues related to housing counseling, homeownership, the mortgage industry, and foreclosure prevention. This page does not include HUD Participating intermediaries, state housing finance agencies, or multi-state organizations funded by HUD. For a list of those organizations, please view the Housing Counseling HUD Participating Intermediaries and State Housing Finance Agencies page.

HUD does not endorse these organizations. This list is provided as information only to help support housing counselors across the country. If you want your organization included or removed from this list, please contact ohctechnicalassistance@hudexchange.info and include "coalitions" in the subject line.

National Coalitions

Area of Coverage Coalition Point of Contact Telephone Email
National Coalition of HUD Intermediaries Linda Davis-Demas | Lou Tisler N/A ldavis-demas@balancepro.org | ltisler@nnwa.us
Community Development Affordable Housing Forum ABA Jody Derrick 615-297-7711 jodyderrick@bellsouth.net
Diversifed Resource Network Kristy Spence 407-674-8044 kspence@diversifiedresourcenetwork.org
Housing and Education Alliance Sylvia Alvarez N/A salvarez@myhomeamerica.org
National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) Greg Zagorski 202-624-7730 gzagorski@ncsha.org
National Housing Resource Center Bruce Dorpalen 215-765-0048 bdorpalen@hsgcenter.org
National Association of Housing Counselors and Agencies, Inc. Sandra Moore 337-962-6600 slmoore@n-a-h-c-a.org
American Society of Certified Housing Executives Jim Parks 215-572-0326 jim@ascheexec.org

Regional Coalitions

Area of Coverage Coalition Point of Contact Telephone Email
Arizona Arizona Housing Coalition Valerie Iverson N/A val@azhousingalliance.org
Arkansas AR ACHANGE Jennifer Bartlett N/A jennifer.Bartlett@adfa.arkansas.gov
Arkansas ACHANGE Debra Banks 501-766-3941 dbanks@achange.org
San Joaquin Valley, California San Joaquin Valley Housing Task Force Darryl Rutherford 415-974-2056 darryl.rutherford@sf.frb.org
California Inland Empire Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Thomas Coates N/A thomas.coates@hocie.org
Colorado Colorado Housing Counseling Coalition (CHCC) Charlotte O'Donnell 720-959-3806 codonn@denverhousing.org
Colorado Colorado Housing Connects Patrick Noonan 303-202-6340 patrick@brothersredevelopment.org
Delaware Homeownership Counseling Association of the Delaware Valley Allison Hughes 215-731-1723 ahughes@hcadv.org
Delaware Delaware Housing Coalition Ken Smith 302-678-2286 dhc@housingforall.org
Delaware Delaware Federation of Housing Counselors Betty Webb 302-658-4171 x121 bwebb@westendnh.org
Southwest Florida Southwest Florida Coalition Eddie Felton 239-768-2013 Ef4852@yahoo.com
Florida Florida Housing Coalition Michael Davis 850-878-4219 info@flhousing.org
South Georgia South GA Network Millicent Harwell N/A mharwell@totallyfreeinc.org
Georgia GA Network Al Sheats N/A al.hcdc@gmail.com
Indiana Indiana Coalition on Housing and Homelessness Issues Mark St. John 317-636-8819 mstjohn@ichhi.org
Iowa Iowa Mortgage Help Julie Noland 515-725-4916 julie.noland@iowa.gov
Prince George's County, Maryland The Coalition for Homeownership Preservation in Prince George's County Lisa Scott 301-683-2115 lscott@pgcoalition.org
Maryland Maryland Housing Counselors Network, Inc. Ruth Griffin 410-228-3904 ruth@thenetworkmaryland.org
Massachusetts Massachusetts Homeownership Collaborative/CHAPA Emmanuel Owusu-Boakye 617-742-0820 x113 EOwusu@chapa.org
Newark, New Jersey Newark NJ Foreclosure Taskforce Audrey Washington N/A washingtona@ci.newark.nj.us
New York City, New York Association of Neighborhood and Housing Development Ken Inadomi N/A Ken.I@anhd.org
New York City, New York Center for New York City Neighborhoods Jennifer Murphy 212-566-3050 jennifer.murphy@cnycn.org
New York Coalition for Excellence in Homeownership Education Hilary Lamishaw N/A Hilary@triponline.org
Oklahoma Oklahoma Association of Community Action Agencies Michael Jones 405-949-1495 michael.jones@okacaa.org
Pennsylvania The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Liz Hersh 215-576-7044 liz@housingalliancepa.org
South Dakota South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition Tawney Brunsch 605-455-2500 tbrunsch@lakotafunds.org
Memphis, Tennessee Memphis Housing Counseling Network Chris Jones 901-725-0460 engage@bldgmemphis.org
Tennessee Housing Counselors and Educators of Tennessee (HCET) Daryl Hill 615-833-9580 dhill@woodbinecommunity.org
Tennessee Tennessee Affordable Housing Coalition Dominique Pryor-Anderson 615-240-7942 dominiquepanderson@gmail.com
King's County, Tennessee Equality Coalition for Housing Opportunities (ECHO) James Davis 865-974-1723 james.davis_jr@yahoo.com
Austin, Texas Austin Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Rory O'Malley N/A rory@frameworkscdc.org
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Dallas Fort Worth HomeOwnership Preservation Enterprise Partnership Linda Davis-Demas N/A ldavis-demas@balancepro.org
Houston, Texas Greater Houston Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce (GHFPT) Laura Jaramillo 713-319-1728 Laura.R.Jaramillo@wellsfargo.com
San Antonio, Texas San Antonio Foreclosure Prevention Task Force Augustine Sanchez 210-207-5913 Augustine.Sanchez@sanantonio.gov
Utah UT Housing Coalition Tara Rollins N/A trollins@xmission.com
Vermont Champlain Housing Trust Emily Higgins N/A Ehiggins@getahome.org
Virginia Virginia Association of Housing Counselors Lisa Yost 540-633-5133 x440 lyost@nrcaa.org
Washington, DC Capital Area Foreclosure Network Angie Rogers N/A arodgers@capitalareaforeclosurenetwork.org
West Virginia Community Works WV Mary Skeens N/A mskeens@communityworkswv.org
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Take Root Milwaukee (WHEDA) Beth Sanchez 414-562-5070 bsanchez@selectmilwaukee.org