Certification Study Groups

This page contains information about upcoming study groups for the Office of Housing Counseling's Certification Requirements Final Rule. HUD will update this page as more study groups become available, so check back regularly! Please contact Robin.Penick@hud.gov if you have an upcoming study group you'd like to be featured.

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Study Groups

Housing Action Illinois

Housing Action’s Wanda Collins is hosting online study groups to help housing counselors gear up for the HUD Certification Exam in a supportive, peer-learning environment. Each webinar focuses on a different section of the exam. Learn more about getting ready for the HUD Housing Counseling exam.

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Housing counselors can also subscribe to HAI’s free “countdown to certification” email to receive study tips from counselors, practice test questions, and links to study resources.

National Housing Resource Center

National Housing Resource Center (NHRC) is forming new “Study Buddy” groups for housing counselors preparing for the HUD certification exam. Don’t miss out on this great study group option, please register today to reserve your place.

NCRC National Training Academy Pathway to Certification

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s (NCRC) National Training Academy has developed a guide for a Pathway to HUD Certification for Housing Counselors. This guide is intended to help housing counselors better prepare to take the HUD Certification Exam. Download the HUD Certification Guide.

For upcoming trainings and webinars related to Housing Counselor Certification, visit the Housing Counseling Training Digest.

Featured Resource

HUD recently launched a free HUD Certified Housing Counselor Knowledge Assessment Tool:

Knowledge Assessment

The Knowledge Assessment Tool, available in both English and Spanish, does not replace or replicate the existing practice exam in style, format, or length, but it does provide candidates with more detailed feedback. The assessment also offers insight into the rationale behind correct and incorrect answers, as well as recommended topics for further study. Questions link to training content and the feedback will offer teaching guidance to help candidates identify areas of strength and weakness for continued study.