HUD Certified Counselor Progress: Meeting Our Goal

The Final Rule implements the requirement that as of August 1, 2021, the final compliance date, all housing counseling required under or provided in connection with HUD programs, as defined in CFR § 5.111 (b), must be provided by HUD certified housing counselors that must work for agencies approved to participate in HUD’s Housing Counseling Program.

To meet this important requirement, HUD is tracking the progress of HUD-approved housing counseling agencies with HUD certified housing counselors! Check out the graphics below to see how close we are to meeting our goal.

77% 1,288 agencies are certified

Please note that this graphic is updated with the data that counselors and application coordinators enter into FHA Connection. If a counselor is connected to a parent agency in FHA Connection rather than the branch or affiliate agency, that counselor will only be credited to the parent agency. The branch or affiliate will not count as complying with the final rule if they have no connected counselors in FHA Connection. If you are a counselor or application coordinator, please ensure you have entered the proper agency ID in FHA Connection. Read instructions for using FHA Connection.

Helpful Resources for Certification

Check out the Everything You Need to Know about Certification page for a variety of certification resources, tips, and important links.

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State Highlights

Top 5 states with agencies with HUD certified counselors:

  • New York: 90 agencies
  • Pennsylvania: 84 agencies
  • Florida: 83 agencies
  • California: 77 agencies
  • Illinois: 72 agencies

States with 75% or more agencies with HUD certified counselors:

  • Alaska, North Dakota, Virgin Islands, and Wyoming: 100%
  • South Dakota: 93%
  • Alabama, Maine, and Nevada: 91%
  • Idaho and Utah: 90%
  • Colorado: 89%
  • Nebraska: 88%
  • Minnesota and Tennessee: 87%
  • Arizona and Montana: 85%
  • Michigan: 84%
  • Alabama and Illinois: 83%
  • Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania: 82%
  • Connecticut and Oregon: 81%
  • Maryland and Oklahoma: 80%
  • Indiana: 79%
  • New York and Texas: 78%
  • Florida: 76%
  • Missouri, Vermont, and West Virginia: 75%

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Congratulations to the 359 agencies who have identified application coordinators for their organization!

Want to know which agencies have HUD Certified Counselors in each state? Use the Housing Counseling Agency Public Search to search by state. Remember to change “HECM” to “Certified” when searching.

Data current as of April 1, 2021

Note: This page is populated with data from HUD's Housing Counseling System (HCS) and FHA Connection.