HUD Certified Housing Counselor Application Process

Print or Save Counselor Certificate

Once a counselor’s employment has been validated by the FHAC Application Coordinator, the counselor’s certificate will be available to print or save as a PDF.


For counselors wishing to access their own certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the FHA Connection.

  2. Navigate to the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Database by following these steps:

    • Select Single Family FHA

    • Select Single Family Origination

    • Select Counseling Functions

    • Select HUD Certified Housing Counselor Database

  3. If you are a certified counselor, you are automatically taken to your profile.

    If you are an application coordinator or both a counselor and a coordinator, type your name in to view your profile.

  4. The Agency ID will link to the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Certificate for printing or downloading. The link is only available if the agency has an Active status in HCS and the counselor’s employment was validated.

In the Certified Counselor Information section, if (requested) is next to the start date, the agency has not yet been validated. The Certified Agency Validation History links to a pop-up page with the current and prior employment validation records for the counselor. If the counselor's employment was validated, the Agency ID contains a hyperlink to the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Certificate.