HUD Certified Housing Counselor Application Process

2. Request an FHAC User ID

The first step to becoming a coordinator is to request a User ID in FHA Connection (FHAC).

Note that if you are already a HUD certified housing counselor with an FHAC User ID and you wish to become an FHAC Application Coordinator, please have your program manager send an email to In the email, the program manger should indicate the name of the counselor that will be acting in the coordinator role. HUD staff will update the counselor to also act as the role of the coordinator role.

  1. From the FHAC Welcome page ( select Registering a New User.

On the FHA Connection Welcome Page, select Registering a New User under the Getting Started menu.

  1. The Registering to Use the FHA Connection page displays. Click the link for Housing Counseling at the bottom of the page.

On the Registering to Use the FHA Connection page, select Housing Counseling.

  1. You will arrive at the Housing Counseling Registration page. You can also access this page directly by going to the following URL: If you don’t know the HCS ID of your agency or branch location, you may search the map online to find it listed under “Agency ID”.

You may also go directly to the Housing Counselor Registration page. Click Yes to apply for an FHAC User ID as a counselor. If applicable, check yes and enter the agency ID if you are applying as an Application Coordinator for your agency. Remember the password entered as it will be needed once you receive your FHAC User ID. Once the page is complete, click Send to process the page and submit your application for an FHAC User ID.


  • If you are registering only as an Application Coordinator, do not click “Yes” to the first box, “Are you a counselor that has passed the certification exam”.
  • Click "Are you registering as an FHA Connection Application Coordinator for the housing counseling agency that employs you?" and enter the Housing Counseling System (HCS) ID for that agency.
  • Double check that the email address you entered is accurate, as this is how you will receive your FHA Connection User ID.
  • Remember the password you set, since this is the password you will need to use once you receive your FHAC User ID.

Upon completion of your registration, you will get an email stating that a secure, encrypted email has been sent to the Agency Program Manager from the FHA Connection within 2 business days, which will include the User ID.

Keep your login information in a safe place because you will need your User ID and Password each time you access the FHAC to update your own roster information. FHA requires that your password be changed every 90 days.