HUD Certified Housing Counselor Application Process

1. FHAC Application Coordinator Instructions

The purpose of the FHAC Application Coordinator is to validate the counselor’s employment at the agency and to manage the data regarding the counselor’s employment status in the future.

  • HUD-approved housing counseling agencies must designate at least one individual to act as FHAC Application Coordinator.
  • An agency can have a maximum of 4 FHAC Application Coordinators and at least 2 are recommended.
  • If you are already a HECM coordinator, you do not have to apply again to be an FHAC application coordinator.
  • The coordinator cannot validate their own employment.
  • Intermediary coordinators may perform the coordinator functions for their affiliates. Intermediaries may also request an FHAC User ID simply to view their affiliates or if they want to validate and/or terminate counselors from their network.

First, you must request a User ID in FHA Connection (FHAC) as the FHAC Application Coordinator for your agency.

Note that if you are already a HUD certified housing counselor with an FHAC User ID and you wish to become an FHAC Application Coordinator, please have your program manager send an email to In the email, the program manager should indicate the name of the counselor, confirm the counselor has a current FHAC User ID and that they that will be acting in the coordinator role. HUD staff will update the counselor to also act as the role of the coordinator role.