HUD Certified Housing Counselor Application Process

5. Export a Certified Counselor Spreadsheet

Application coordinators are able to export spreadsheets of all certified counselors who work for the agency.

  1. Log in to the FHA Connection and navigate to the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Database by following these steps:

    • Select Single Family FHA

    • Select Single Family Origination

    • Select Counseling Functions

    • Select HUD Certified Housing Counselor Database

  2. On the HUD Certified Housing Counselor Database page,

    • For Counselor Type, select: Certified

    • For Validated by Agency:

      • Select “Yes - Include Counselors for Branches, Affiliates, and Sub Grantees” if you are an intermediary and want to see counselors for all affiliates

      • Select “Yes - Entered Agency Only” if you do not work for an intermediary or only wish to see the certified counselors from one agency

        select Yes - Include Counselors for Branches, Affiliates and subgrantees

  3. The result will be a list of all certified housing counselors that meet the criteria you searched. Click on the “Download report” button to receive the information in a excel spreadsheet.

    Download Report button