HUD Certified Housing Counselor Application Process

Apply for HUD Certification as a Housing Counselor

Prior to applying for certification in FHA Connection (FHAC):

  • Take the exam through
  • Once you pass the exam, transfer your exam results to the FHA connection.
    (Double check information is accurate, e.g. email, SSN, and agency HCS ID.)

The instructions in this section are for counselors seeking certification in FHA Connection:

  1. Apply for certification in the FHA connection.
  2. Request a User ID in FHA connection.
    (You must complete your application in FHA connection prior to requesting a User ID.)
  3. Request validation for multiple employers through the FHA connection after receiving your User ID. (Note: This section is only applicable if you work for more than one agency or if your HCS Agency ID has changed)
  4. Update and maintain your personal information in FHA connection as needed.

For instructions to print a counselor certificate, view the Print Counselor Certificate section. Both counselors and coordinators are able to print certificates.