Housing Counselor Certification


In December 2016, HUD published the Housing Counseling New Certification Requirements Final Rule. The Final Rule implements statutory requirements that housing counseling required under or provided in connection with all HUD programs must be provided by HUD Certified Housing Counselors by August 1, 2020.

The standards will apply to all housing counseling programs required by HUD, or provided in connection with any program of HUD. Housing counselor certification is a statutory requirement that will:

  • Improve the quality and increase the visibility of housing counseling so that it is no longer a “best kept secret”
  • Create a body of knowledgeable housing counselors which will lead to better identification of housing issues, more knowledgeable referrals and resolution of barriers, and a greater ability to recognize and avoid scams and discrimination
  • Reduce the fraud often seen in foreclosure prevention and real estate programs, such as scams and predatory lending

The pages below provide more information about HUD's housing counseling certification final rule, exam, covered programs, success stories, and best practices.


Countdown to August 1, 2020, Certification Final Compliance Date



Certification Study Groups

View upcoming study groups for the Office of Housing Counseling's Certification Examination!

Final Rule and Exam

Final Rule Exam Screenshot

This page covers everything you need to know about the certification final rule and the examination process, including key resources for HUD Certified Housing Counselors.

Apply for Certification

Application Process Page Screenshot

This page provides the application instructions through FHA Connection for HUD housing counseling Certification.

HUD Programs Covered

Covered Programs Screenshot

The final rule standardizes housing counseling requirements over all HUD programs. Read this page to figure out if your HUD program is covered by the final rule and review your options for complying.

Tracking Progress

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To meet HUD's new requirements by the final compliance date, HUD is tracking the progress of HUD certification in every agency. This page provides a tracking graphic and information about agencies that have already met their goal.

Success Stories

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As agencies work to get their counselors certified, they have developed best practices, compiled lessons learned, and shared their stories with HUD.


FAQ Page Screenshot

The Office of Housing Counseling has published almost 200 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on a wide range of topics related to HUD Certification.