Housing Counseling Program Outcome Data Displays

The 9902 Data Displays are dynamic, interactive dashboards that display data from the HUD-9902 Housing Counseling Activity Report.

Data displayed on this page is populated by agency-level data submitted through HUD's Housing Counseling System (HCS) as part of HUD's 9902 reporting process.

9902 data may be subject to change as housing counseling agencies update their reports. For real time data, please log into your HCS or Client Management System (CMS) account.

Quarter 4 FY 2021 data is the latest data displayed on this page. HUD Form-9902 data is cumulative.

Housing counseling agencies and interested stakeholders can utilize the 9902 Data Display Dashboards to:

Share information about HUD’s Housing Counseling Program outcomes and services

Improve data accuracy of quarterly 9902 submissions

Identify trends among all 9902 data

Easily find guidance and data using the 9902 Online Toolkit

Scope of Services

Households Served by State

Race and Ethnicity

Income Level

Outcome of Services

State Profiles