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Housing Counseling 9902 Online Toolkit


Reviewing the 9902 Online Toolkit will assist housing counseling agencies to comply with federal grant requirements, increase effectiveness, and maximize efficiency in completing reports.

This toolkit is comprised of four parts:

  1. HUD-9902 General Overview
  2. Completing the HUD-9902 Report
  3. Client Management System Guidance
  4. National Quarterly 9902 Reports

Fillable Form

HUD-9902 General Overview

This section of the toolkit helps housing counseling agencies complete the HUD-9902 and improve reporting accuracy.

Fillable Form

Completing the HUD-9902 Report

This page explores the HUD-9902 form section by section and provides users with tips and examples for filling out the form.

CMS Illustration

Client Management System Guidance

This section of the toolkit provides housing counseling agencies with information on Client Management Systems (CMS).

Exploring Quarterly Data Illustration

National Quarterly 9902 Reports

This section of the toolkit provides the national 9902 reports available on a quarterly basis by calendar year.