HIV Housing Care Continuum Initiative

HUD's Office of HIV/AIDS Housing, in collaboration with the National AIDS Housing Coalition and Collaborative Solutions, Inc., developed a Technical Assistance (TA) initiative focused on increasing the capacity of Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) grantees to create HIV Housing Care Continuums in their communities to demonstrate the proportion of HOPWA beneficiaries that are engaged at each stage of HIV care.

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Comparing the NYC PLWHA and the NYC HOPWA Care Continuum, HOPWA beneficiaries show higher engagement at each stage of the HIV Care Continuum. Of all HOPWA beneficiaries diagnosed, 99.5% were linked to care, 95% were retained in care, 92% were presumed to have ever started on ART, and 73% reached viral suppression.

Why build an HIV Housing Care Continuum?

  1. Illustrate overall engagement in care and treatment for persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) receiving HIV housing assistance.
  2. Benchmark against national and community-level HIV Care Continuums.
  3. Identify successes and gaps in care and treatment experienced by PLWHA receiving HIV housing assistance.
  4. Improve health outcomes by implementing system and/or service enhancements to programs.
  5. Inform policy-makers on program development.
  6. Align with national initiatives
    1. National HIV/AIDS Strategy (2015)
    2. White House HIV Care Continuum Initiative (2013)

HIV Housing Care Continuum Initiative Resources

White Paper

In November 2014, the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing released a white paper titled The Connection Between Housing and Improved Health Outcomes Along the HIV Care Continuum. The white paper outlines each step of the HIV Care Continuum, explores the impact of housing status along the continuum, and calls for strategic partnerships between health care and housing providers to address significant gaps in care for unstably housed PLWHA. The white paper was jointly promoted by the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing and the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau as a resource for HOPWA and Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program providers seeking to initiate or expand efforts to integrate HIV care and housing assistance in their communities.

Regional Meetings and Webinars

In 2015, the Office of HIV/AIDS Housing, the National AIDS Housing Coalition, and Collaborative Solutions, Inc., hosted a series of regional meetings that brought together teams of HOPWA grantees and project sponsors, Ryan White providers, and health department surveillance staff to create community strategies for developing and implementing HIV Housing Care Continuums. The meetings took place in Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and Portland, OR.

An HIV Housing Care Continuum webinar series and accompanying workbook have been developed to share the information and resources presented at the regional meetings to a broader audience of HOPWA grantees and providers.

The webinars and workbook were designed to help HOPWA grantees develop strategies in their own communities to:

  1. Improve their ability to measure client health outcomes;
  2. Create the strategic partnerships necessary to build a local HIV Housing Care Continuum; and
  3. Utilize local data to benefit clients by demonstrating the link between housing and health and engaging in cross-system advocacy efforts.

View the HIV Housing Care Continuum Initiative Webinar Series and Workbook.